Kinetic Networks Limited

Specialising in electricity
network supply solutions

Our services

  • Embedded network setups/conversions
  • Customer owned network setups/conversion
  • Customer owned network management complete with full invoicing services
  • Electricity account analysis
  • Full electricity audits complete with power consumption savings and full implementation
  • Retail Trading
  • Trading hedges

Existing Networks

Kinetic Networks to date has set up and currently maintains many Embedded Networks and Customer Owned Networks. Several of these clients have extremely high annual usage and have many connections across their sites, culminating in some very good returns on an annual basis.

Along with our existing sites Kinetic Energy is currently working alongside many other properties and businesses all over New Zealand to help them ascertain if they also can achieve revenue recovery from within their own electrical infrastructure.

About us

In a market where retail and generation are the primary focus a market niche was left behind. After some extensive research and market enquiry it was decided that there was still a latent demand for the services of a network provider/specialist in this niche market. From this Kinetic Networks was born in early 2005. Kinetic Networks goal is to provide solutions for the purchase, supply and setup of network supply options for developers, building and village owners or body corps to secure revenue from their electrical infrastructure. 

Our expertise allows Kinetic Networks to produce positive returns for our customers, these returns are generally passive and in many cases are also substantial and ongoing.

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Power outages:

If power is lost to the whole apartment complex, entire building/premises please check the following websites for any active outage updates.

If power is lost to your individual apartment only, please contact your leasing agent or the body corporate in first instance.

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